Online poll voting and the data gathered from these votes suffer the vulnerabilities of voting bots, uneducated users regarding the voting topic and a centralized third party hosting the vote. EthPolls solves these problems. EthPolls is a system that provides users with the ability to gather authentic data by creating polls on the Ethereum blockchain that ensure data security, voting integrity and decentralization. EthPolls can be used to create polls for many different situations, these range from voting on decisions to be made in the work place to potentially holding government elections.

Another real world example of these issues is amongst many cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges often hold votes in which they allow users to vote on which coins they want as a listed asset on the exchange. The coin with the most votes wins. More often then not, coin developers/project leaders pay for voting bots or dishonestly encourage the community to vote on their project. Holding votes on a blockchain allows for votes to be protected from voting bots via Ethereum's protocol (specifically gas transaction fees and 1:1 user to vote ratio), this also eliminates the incentive for uneducated users to vote since each vote will cost a small amount of Ether and each voter can only vote once. EthPolls removes the third party and ensures additional security and honesty regarding votes.