Polls held on the Ethereum blockchain that ensure
data security, voting integrity and decentralization.



With EthPolls you can rest assured that your polls are safe and secure thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.


Each user can only cast one vote per poll. Additionally, users have the option of creating public or restricted polls. Restricted polls enable the creator to choose who specifically is allowed to vote.


EthPolls inherits Ethereum's quality of decentralization. This means that EthPolls is not controlled by a centralized group or organization, instead, the community as a collective has full control of the system. Additionally, Regardless of who created the poll, each user and their votes are equal.

How does it work?

At it's core, EthPolls is simply a collection of smart contracts programmed onto the Ethereum Blockchain. Here's how it works

Create your poll

First, you'll need to visit our DApp page and decide what type of poll you would like to create. You can create a yes or no poll in which voters can only vote yes or no regarding a subject. Users can also create a multi data poll in which voters can vote on various different propositions. Poll creators can also specify an expiration time for their poll.

Public or Restricted?

EthPolls gives the poll creator the option of restricting the poll so that only certain users can vote on it. If the user chooses not to use this option their poll will be open to the world.

Poll ID

Upon creating your poll you will receive a poll ID which is completely unique to your poll. This poll ID will be used so that users can find and vote on your poll.

Share Poll ID

If your poll is public you can share your Poll ID with whoever you like. If your poll is restricted than only the people who you allowed to vote will be able to. Additionally, a webpage where public polls will all be displayed is currently in development.

End Poll

A poll will end once it has reached its expiration time or if the poll creator chooses to manually end the poll.

Authentic Data

Once a poll ends, the creator is left with the most accurate data collected through poll voting.

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